Zelda dating sim

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Zelda dating sim

Oh, and as for my Street Fighter reference, thank you Capcom. It's a cute game about shipping Marth or Pit with other characters, that's all it is.This game (and its music) is brought to you by my friend Niku's fast internet! It has cute visuals and cute options for your lovely character to be shipped with other characters.His newfound fame going to his head, Tingle followed up this stunning performance by auditioning for a part in Rumour has it that Tingle initially applied for the role of Tatl, but was turned down.While drowning his sorrows in a bowl of ramen after the failed audition, he apparently had a chance encounter with Nintendo composer Koji Kondo.Only within the last few years has the technology caught up to provide that immersive experience that we as gamers have hoped for.Major companies are throwing money at it left and right, hoping for it to be the next big jump in entertainment technology. Oculus Rift and Play Station VR both have some games, and while they shine in the “reality” portion a lot of them are lacking in the actual full-fledged game department.

Don't worry there's no sex, it's all puppy love for you manly straight men.This is my first real game besides a little dress up thing I made. Brawl Marth's Theme - Fire Emblem (Character Theme Collection) The Underworld - Kid Icarus/Super Smash Bros.Brawl Wind Waker Title Theme - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Runaway Five's Final Performance - Earthbound Onett's Arcade - Earthbound The End of Pit (Game Over) - Kid Icarus Game Over - Super Mario Bros.Though rejected for his looks and personality quirks, Tingle remained persistent, finally landing a minor role in a local production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.Surprisingly, his unique acting style drew crowds as audiences showed up just to see this middle-aged guy in green overacting.

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In other words, the yaoi fangirls will be a little disappointed but I hope they laugh anyway.