What do men think about dating sites

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What do men think about dating sites

Head to any baseball game, hockey game or football game, or even to sports bars to watch the game. And they'll definitely be game for a distraction between periods.If you're both cheering for the same team, you'll already have common ground to start a conversation.The dog park is a great place to meet men, so if you don't have a dog, you need to borrow your friend's dog ASAP.You can say things like, “Aw, my dog likes your dog.

”Then, you can start chatting about home decorating, what he's buying and why.Even if you're cheering for opposing teams, you can joke around with each other about it, aka you can flirt with each other.Whether you're waiting to board the same flight at the airport or in the waiting room at the dentist's office, you have an excuse to chat with someone when there's time to kill.I love how the veggies are already chopped up for you.”Usually, grocery stores also have line-ups at every check-out lane during peak hours, so choose the line-up with a lonely man in it.You could even joke around with a playful “Hey, thanks for saving my spot in line! Plenty of people join amateur acting classes or improv groups as a hobby.

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We should exchange numbers so these new best friends can meet up again.” Or if you see a guy petting your dog, you can say, “He seems to like you.

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