Verizon updating evdo

Posted by / 30-Jun-2017 18:37

Verizon updating evdo

Call quality wasn't any different on both the Sway and the VX8360; it's still excellent with or without the Network Extender.********** Should you subscribe to Verizon EVDO broadband?

The Network Extender bumped up both phones to full strength at four bars, which was quite surprising.It looks like a regular wireless router, and on the front are four LED indicators for Power, System, GPS, and WAN status.On the back are an Ethernet jack, a charger jack, the power switch, and an antenna that can rotate up to 180 degrees.- Verizon bills your more for traffic 5 GBytes per month at this time.5 GBytes should be plenty unless you video or game a lot.

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You'll know it's working properly when all four lights are solid blue.