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Tighter editing and a consequently slightly faster tempo could draw wider audiences beyond arthouse diehards to this sweet story that features a most impressive performance by a small child.

Fifty-something Patrizia (Patrizia Girardi) works in the circus and lives in a trailer park on the outskirts of Rome.

Technically stripped to the essence, it is shot on film and offers perfectly minimalistic dialogue.

It is a festival gem, hindered only by the filmmakers' predilection for long shots of characters walking to and from places of action.

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In case of a tie for first or second, each film will receive the full points for that position.

She is a joy, strong-willed, intelligent and impossible not to adore.

One gets the impression that the film was created entirely around her.

So is Tairo, not nearly as tough as he pretends to be, as the older brother who will choose babysitting Asia over his girlfriend.

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Justin has been seeing a lot of the kardashian-jenner dynasty but we.

In the film, the encampment in which the characters live has just lost its electricity, which the government refuses to turn back on.

Like the characters'/actors' names, it is easy to believe that this is not a fictional plot point but the reality of an Italy far from la dolce vita, which Italians themselves would rather ignore. It is simply a tale of several people who already like one another slowly becoming even closer as the result of a winsome intruder in their lives, with whom they do not want to part.

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