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Updating phone loads in 2811

Each Teensy must also be configured with information about the portion of the video frame it should display.The video transmit application queries this information, for a "plug and play" style automatic configuration, even if your operating system assigns the serial device names or COM port numbers differently.The series resistors help match Teensy's outputs to the characteristic impedance of your wiring.The best value to use depends on the type of wire and its spacing to nearby ground wires.A diffusing material in front the LEDs is usually a good idea. Octo WS2811 uses internally uses a timer, and a PWM waveform at a pin on some boards. Any number of Teensy boards may be used to support large LED arrays. The display update continues, taking 30 microseconds for for each LED, plus 50 microseconds to reset the WS2811. The Basic Test is useful to verify your LEDs work, and to find the correct color configuration. If yours have different wiring, the colors will appear in a different order.The video frame sync signal must be connected to pin 12 of all the boards. If called while a previous update is running, this function waits for previous update to complete and then starts a new update. Octo WS2811 is designed to drive 8 LED strips of equal length.The Video Display example can show a video file streamed from a PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi or similar computer.

LED_LAYOUT = 0 means the leds go left to right, then right to left, and so on.

For programming several Teensy 3.0s, the simplest way is to edit the Video parameters, click Verify, and then press the pushbutton on the desired board for those parameters, repeating for each board in the array.

This forum post has more information about possible challenges constructing extremely large LED arrays.

LEDs on the first strip are numbered starting at zero.

The second strip begins at the strip length and goes to strip length minus 1, and so on for each strip.

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