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Statistics for online dating successes

Countries that didn’t want to vote for it, abstained, but you had to show your utter hatred for a minority of the very people you represent by sending a clear message of hate.You shamefully sat in that same General Assembly, and spoke about the rights of women, the rights of children, human rights, and the rights of the family. If you check the Oxford Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Collins, Dictionnaire de l’Académie française, Larousse, Robert, or the United Nations for a definition of family, none of them identified a “family” as narrowly as you seem to do.What’s more, many feel that there is no basis for your continued hatred towards that community. According to News Reports, many Facebook posts and comments, it was reported that on the 17th and 18th, of November 2017, an organization which you founded, the Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM), attended the fifth World Congress of Families Caribbean Conference, under the theme “The Family Development – Strong Families, Prosperous Nations”.You ought to be commended for your courageous fight for families, pregnant women, and children. dedicated to protecting the family, human rights and human dignity.Sarah, your attempt to be seen as taking the “moral” highroad is nothing more than an out of touch, bitter, bigoted, hateful, opportunistic, bible toting hypocrite. Before deciding to respond to your spread of hate, discrimination, and possibly inciting violence, I spoke with many fellow Saint Lucians, and others from different parts of the World, including many Officials and friends from the United Workers Party (UWP) Government, they encouraged me to write this open letter to you.Many are disgusted by your continued attacks on the LGBT community instead of addressing the decriminalization of buggery in the criminal code.

Lucian is treated equally by the Labour Department and in employment in St. Lucian, that includes SLPs, UWPs, LPMs, no Ps, straight, LGBTQ, young, old: every St. Why do you discriminate against some of the very people you swore to serve?Are they all wrong and you, Sarah, are the one who is correct?What you fail to realize is that, your very action is endangering some of those very “families” including children who happen to be different, homosexual.Yet, as a government minister, you seem to ignore almost all of those, and at the sight of any microphone, you go after the LGBTQ community. You are an attorney, and you know the difference, yet you do what politicians like yourself do; you muddle up the issue, demonize the LGBTQ community so you will not have to address the issue of the removal of buggery from the criminal code.I suspect soon you will also blame the LGBT community for any failure you and your government may have. Then you are seen as a saint in eyes of your constituents and that will help guarantee your win at the next election.

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