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Site not updating dreamweaver

At the moment, three sections of your current layout need to be editable: both elements and the main content area. Open mygreen_from the lesson08 templates folder in Design view, if necessary. In the New Editable Region dialog, type side_region2 in the Name field. Adding metadata—for instance, a piece of data such as —is not only a good practice, it’s vital to your ranking and presence in the various search engines.

Maximize the program window to fill the entire screen. Insert the cursor in the heading text Editable Region. In the New Editable Region dialog, type main_content in the Name field. Each editable region must have a unique name, but no other special conventions apply. Each title should reflect the specific content or purpose of the page. In the Document Title field of the Property inspector, select the placeholder text .

Creating a template from an existing layout A template is a type of master page from which you can create related child pages. Templates are stored in their own folder, Templates, which Dreamweaver automatically creates at the site root level. Dreamweaver automatically resolves and rewrites links as necessary when you save files anywhere in the site.

Dreamweaver’s productivity tools and site-management capabilities are among its most useful features for a busy designer. An untitled dialog appears, asking whether you want to update links. Since the template is saved in a subfolder, updating the links in the code is necessary so that they will continue to work properly when you create child pages later.

But be forewarned—most search engines have become wise to such tricks and will actually demote sites that use these tactics. Unfortunately, only one of them was implemented properly in the template. In this case, it can’t even get any more convenient—you’ll find it just above the description delineated by the HTML comment markup .

To achieve the highest ranking with the search engines, make the description of the page as accurate as possible. To make the description metadata editable, you’ll need to move it into this section. Click the line number containing the entire description, or select the entire for Dreamweaver templates.

Updated on 20-October-2016 at AM In this section we will go over the tools available for adding new content or editing existing content in Business Catalyst.

Whether you are looking to edit pages, templates, products, webapp items, system pages, email templates and so on you can use one (or more than one) of the tools detailed in this section.

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Child pages created from the template would be exact duplicates, and all the content would be locked and uneditable.