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After about 10 minutes of this, I couldn't hold on any longer and shot a huge load on the bed. I was hooked that day and I've been doing nude catfights and cockfights ever since. Let's see, my first nude male fight was when I was 13. One night, while spending the night at his house, we were wrestling in our briefs. With women catfighting wearing sexy lingerie and even nude. Trying not to show any excuse for my mother to ask what we were up to. The rules we had was no slipping or punching to the head. Then I took my right foot pressed down between his legs working on his cock and balls area. I grabbed hold of his left leg I rise it up and started to work on his leg. His mother would be home from work and I had to get home for dinner.

Now I'm fifty five and still love to have a nude down and dirty erotic male catfight.

It showed how to do holds and what rules to decuss.

Then we went at it trying to get hold of each other.

By an exgirlfriend that said that didn't need be looking at kind of stuff.

Now I want to read about your first nude male catfight.

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He lived about 50 miles away, so I drove to his house.

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