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They fell in love and the relationship lasted until the end of the war. Capa called the redheaded Elaine "Pinky," and wrote about her in his war memoir, Slightly Out of Focus.

In 1933, he moved from Germany to Paris because of the rise of Nazism and its persecution of Jews, but found it difficult to find work as a freelance journalist.The couple lived in Paris where André taught Gerda photography.Together they created the name and image of "Robert Capa" as a famous American photographer.He changed his name to the more American-sounding name, Robert Capa, to avoid religious discrimination then common in France, which allowed him to find work more easily. and you could photograph them, to let them know that somebody cared.All you could do was to help individuals caught up in war, try to raise their spirits for a moment, perhaps flirt a little, make them laugh; . Taro died when the motor vehicle on which she was travelling (apparently standing on the footboard) collided with an out-of-control tank.

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His work came from the trenches as opposed to the more arms-length perspective that was the precedent.

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