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"We've all been told about the benefits of water, so I drink lots and lots of it, from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed." In modern Britain "aquaholics" such as Sarah are no longer a rarity.Of course, they claim, there are rewards for such dedication."It got to the stage where I felt I couldn't function without it.If I woke without a bottle of water by my bed, I would feel really paranoid.To Sarah Schapira's colleagues it's become a running joke.Every half hour or so the pretty 22-year-old PR gets up from her desk and makes a dash for the ladies.It used to make me feel really good and healthy but not any more.I know I ought to cut down but I'm not sure how I can." Hyponatraemia Excessive consumption of water can lead to a condition known as hyponatraemia (water intoxication), in which levels of sodium in the blood become dangerously diluted leading to complications such as convulsions, coma and even death.

Doctors discovered that his sodium levels had fallen to a dangerous level, causing his brain to swell.

I couldn't drink tap water - that tasted awful - instead I drank Evian by the gallon.

It's expensive, too - I could spend over £30 a week on water - but I had got to the stage where I got a huge buzz from drinking so much." At the same time as drinking up to seven litres of water a day she ate very little, mainly salads or fruit.

Too little and it will be very dark, about right and it will be a pale straw colour.

Ironically, another problem for those who swig large quantities of mineral water is that they might be drinking water of an inferior quality to ordinary tap water, according to celebrity detox guru Dr Nish Joshi.

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But she isn't suffering from an embarrassing medical condition, the reason for her regular absences is hardly a mystery - every day she downs seven litres of water.