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However, he sent Adrastus with Atys as a bodyguard in case they would be waylaid by bandits on the expedition.While fighting the boar, Adrastus accidentally hit Atys with his spear, killing him.

He sacrificed three thousand of all kinds of sacrificial animals. After the sacrifice he melted down gold and made golden blocks, each one 2.5 talents.According to Herodotus, Croesus desired to discover which of the well known oracles of his time gave trustworthy omens.He sent ambassadors to the most important oracles ordering that on the 100th day from their departure from Sardis they should ask what the king of the Lydians, Croesus, son of Alyattes was doing on this exact date.Croesus absolved Adrastus for his son's death; however, Adrastus later committed suicide.Croesus' uneasy relations with the Greeks obscures the larger fact that he was the last bastion of the Ionian cities against the increasing Persian power in Anatolia.

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Later coins, including some in the British Museum, were made from gold purified by heating with common salt to remove the silver.