Online dating is safe

Posted by / 12-Jul-2017 08:24

Consider planning a “safe call”: arrange for a friend to call you during the date to make sure you feel comfortable.

Always drive yourself to and from the date, instead of relying on someone you met online for a car ride home.

Most dating sites include the option to block an individual user if your interactions make you feel uneasy.

Though its popularity is rising, you may still wonder if online dating is safe.Never meet at your home or office where they could easily find you again, and never choose a secluded location — recommends you immediately end the date if your date pressures you to do otherwise.Before you leave to meet a virtual date, tell a roommate or friend who you are meeting, where you are going, and what time you plan to be home.Perhaps their dating profile image is the same as their Twitter profile picture — people tend to be much less filtered on social media sites like Twitter, and you could discover some unsavory personality traits.You may also find out whether or not they are using a fake photo of a model or celebrity.

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