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Neurodivergent dating sites

In response I would Push myself to go past boundaries, to behave differently, to think differently, to be different than what I was.Ultimately reacting on this to be disappointed in not being able to meet this expectation as easily or at all.Many people who aren’t able to keep up with productivity are shamed as lazy or inefficient.Those who are able to but struggle to keep up with workplace productivity are also often ridiculed.Shame is a hard emotion to tease out, it synonymous with emotions like embarrassment or humiliation but it’s not the same- it targets the core of a person’s being.Similarly shaming and even more so the experience of being ashamed in result is even harder to tease out in our everyday actions.Often times people displaying neurodivergence have different skills or abilities than those that are expected.Exclusionary systems of accommodations and models based on diagnosis make it even harder for people to access resources that may help them.

but institutions of work, whether it be job or school, highly value productivity because of capitalism.This is a cycle of shame I’ve experienced endlessly and in evolution with my own non-normative experience; from experiencing that sense of shame for the numbness I felt because of depression, or being to afraid to do things because of anxiety.External shaming became internal shame, largely because my experiences were not neurotypical.This includes anything that breaks the social contract of societal norms.Shaming affects us all but most prominently those who are simply unable to understand or abide by social norms such as those with intellectual disabilities.

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Those who are not able to meet the pace of productivity are shamed, discriminated against or worst, cast aside.

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  1. As the forthcoming Hollywood film Friends With Benefits reveals, a no-strings relationship often leaves at least one half of the couple — and usually it’s the woman — feeling confused, unsatisfied, and wholly unconvinced by the ‘benefits’ they’re supposed to be relishing.