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Michalovce presov online dating

Here in the United States she married Jzsef Szab, who was also from eastern Slovakia. John E Pipta Jr Newry , PAThe story was very interesting USA - Fri. 9/23/2007 2:1 PM I have great grandparents who immigrated from Hungary roughly between 18. O-Post Evenouow Village-Wierevana Penuhne I have looked everywhere for information,and can not find a thing. Her father was David her mother was Zissel nee Reichbach.

I look forward to finding out more about my grandmother and about Ljuta and hopefully finding any Gondorcsin relatives who might reside in or around Ljuta, especially if they can read and write Hungarian, since I have a limited ability to correspond in Hungarian. 2/1/2008 PM My grandfather Stephen Opalenik was born in Luta around 1881 or 1882 and came to the USA to settle in Allenport, Pa. Several years later he sent for my grandmother - Julia Serotka - and my father John and his sister Anna. Their children were all born in South Bend Indiana after 1885. I have the name Michael Alby born in Magyar and Agnes Simon, born in Czorna Hungary. Would you have any advice on where I might start lookin for a ship manifesto for this group of immigrants? 9/22/2007 PM Dear Bill You have a very helpful website. Our last name might be Merkowsky or Merkousky or Merkosky. Her step grandfather was Lippa Moscovitz lived in Sobrance Benjamin Eckstein Brooklyn, NY USA - Fri.

I believe their home was declared a Historical Land Mark. I feel such a connection to this land of my ancestors so this site is of great interest to me. It will help me as I continue to search for my grandmothers family. 3/13/2008 PM Can someone please help to find out what my village name is. His naturalization papers to the United States stated that he came from Austria. 10/15/2007 AM I was sent this link by someone posting to my reply on Also, does anyone have any other ideas as to where I can find info on him?? Thank you My father Karol PJOSEK was born in Jablonka, Austria-Hungary on 17 December 1885. 4/23/2008 AM great idea with your website, wish you very very success in finding your relatives in Eastern Europe:-) and sorry, little mistake in a word CIRKEVN, CIRKEVN and so on..one E, thanks:-) noosha czechia - Fri.4/18/2008 9:9 AM Looking for Halko, Nicholas Anna Kochan son Theodore there were more children but names unknown.9/23/2008 PM My email address has changed to [email protected] otm m. 9/10/2008 PM Am SOOO glad I stopped in at your site tonight because I now have a way to jump start my husband's Polish family thru' some new to me, info I found. My grandfather was Mikal Grega,born in Kerestsky, Maramarous County, Austia/Hungary, came to USA 1910 at age 17,attended Russian Orthodox Church. [email protected] Gregor Koval Dilliner, PA USA - Thur. 8/3/2008 AM Andrejkovics-Andrejkovic-Ondreikovicz-Andrejkovich Looking for any person with a connection to any of the spellings of my maiden name. Towns/villages assiociated w this name are: Brestov, Humenne, Presov, Spisk Kapitula, Hrubov, Michalovce, Kochanovce, Dhle nad Cirochou, Samorin, and Snina in Slovakia. 4/23/2008 AM My computer disconnected, so as I was saying there were quite a few families that had immigrated here.I would welcome any contact from BEDNARS, SULEKS, PILATS and BUCKOS from Belusa, Slovakia. Sorry I missed your recent Dukla Pass talk...a fractured kneecap has way of curbing my interests lately ! 8/29/2008 PM Thank you for allowing to see where my family came from. 8/7/2008 PM Searching for information on Paul Gyurik, Julianna Vorhanich (Vorhanics) and Peter Mikovich (Mikovics)names. Hungarian towns/villages associated with the name: Miskolc, Debrecen, Hejce, Mad, Nyregyhza, Trkblint, and Goncruszka. Does anyone know if Andrejkovics is a Croatian or Ukrainian name? Barbara Andrejkovics Callahan Renton, WA USA - Tues. What a bonanza - to know more of our family village of Valaskovce. They had even built a small wooden church in 1918 that is still standing in Bramble , MN.

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