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On 17 February 1745, the Surakarta Kingdom moved to a new opened forest named Sala Village and build their Royal Residential Palace and urban area with a 15 kilometers long of "Beteng Kraton" or Palace wall around it. The city wall that left is only about 10% from the real appearance.

Some remnants of these fortifications still remain to the north of the old town, near the Boulevard Alphonse Deneubourg.

An 18th century wall made by Hamengkubuwono the 1st from the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Kingdom to protect the inner capital city from the Dutch and other enemies during the Mataram Kingdom period.

Today, 96% of the wall still exists and is a local landmark. The wall was destroyed by the Dutch during its colonial period in the way to ended the Banten reign.

There were six gates, but these have been demolished in the 19th century.

Apart from the impressive medieval castle, three small, tower-like bastions, as well as several small stretches of curtain wall, remain of the wall built around the town by the French military engineer Vauban in the 17th century.

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Of the first city wall, built in the 13th century, a small stretch of curtain wall and several isolated towers still remain. The inner ring road of Brussels now occupies the location of this second wall.

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