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Kutchi dating

These people are mostly Muslims (and mostly Sunni Hanafi), who migrated from Sindh to Kathiawar several centuries ago.Sindhi and Kutchi languages are spoken by both Muslims and non-Muslims, in contrast to the Memon language, which is exclusively spoken by Memons of Kathiawadi origin, who are almost entirely Muslim.However, it is common to believe that Memoni language actually originated as a dialect of Sindhi language.Within the language itself, there are currently many different dialects, some having more influence of one language, and others having that of others.In the past there was some attempt to write the Memoni dialect using Gujrati and later in Urdu script with little success.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

Like English, the position of the adjectives nearly always appears immediately before the noun and they are modified and often inflected for masculine and feminine and must be agree to the noun that follows.

The proposition generally comes after a noun or a verb.

The Memon or Memoni language is the language of Memons historically associated with Kathiawar, in West India, a Memon subgroup.

Many Memons have settled in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan since the independence in 1947 The true origin of the language is still debated among the historians of the regions.

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The three-day extravaganza is filled with music, dance, pageantry and carnival procession.