Humsafar drama episode 22 online dating

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Humsafar drama episode 22 online dating

It was he who calmed their fears, quietly assuring them he would take care of matters in Islamabad.

This week, the celebration at Wali’s house underscored the extent of the shrewd operator had not only managed to get the problematic bills overturned, but accomplished this with such delicacy and finesse that the parties involved never realized they were being played.

The only person I truly felt for at the end of this episode was Ahmer.

Although, it was quite apparent that Silla did not have any feelings for Ahmer but his love for Silla seemed so much more real than Adeel’s love for Silla. Dil-e-Muzter turned out to be another one of those plays in which the other woman gets all the blame and gets punished too, surely she deserved to be punished but Adeel was equally responsible for everything that happened and he did not deserve a happy ending!

) and of course also because he is the father of her child.

If you are a genuinely good person, who has never wronged anyone you get punished in the end and you keep on sacrificing, the way Ahmer did.

As long as Wali toed the line and produced the cleverly dangling the Ph D carrot in front of him, the fact that his grandfather specifically asked for Wali to be present at the dinner and the way he was seated, as if in front of an examining committee, and the way he was being whetted clearly indicated that hat Wali could only look on in disgust, as these elected representatives gloried in their success at having duped the system, laughing about how they would be first ones to jump ship as soon as the tides turned against them, spoke volumes of how different he was from his grandfather at least in this aspect.The crime stories are true and scenes are been re-created.After having skimmed through comments on Facebook, I am left to wonder if I am the only one around who still finds Numm to be one of the more engaging and engrossing serials on air these days.Despite the still loud and mismatched background score, some overlong scenes, and below par acting of a few actors, Numm, because of its story, very well-etched characters and excellent acting by seasoned artists, continues to fascinate me.After having focused exclusively on the Mahjabeen-Wali-Neelam track for the past few weeks, this latest episode picked the story from last week and shed more light on the kind of power wielded by just another rich feudal, nonetheless it was to him they turned with their complaints about impending agricultural taxes.

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The writer Aliya Bukhari managed to keep the interest of the viewers intact right till the end.

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