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We obviously cannot have Wendy houses built by every manufacturer in Cape Town and review them for you.However, we can vet them and ensure that they are legitimate companies with a history of good customer care, who will not, in the long run, let you down.Next on the horror show is the guy who turns up with unqualified laborers, spends weeks hammering and sawing on your drive way and then leaves you with a sub-standard structure and a mess to clean up (sometimes it may only be partially completed too).The first time any bad weather comes along the whole structure is in danger of collapse!They have a similar issue with copyright theft, and are again in a constant battle to prevent rogue operators passing themselves off as a company that has fought long and hard to build a strong and trustworthy brand.And by no means are these the only two company’s facing this challenge in the Wendy House and Nutec industry.

If you do find yourself on the bad end of the deal, and are getting nowhere complaining directly to the company involved then the DTI has produced a guide called “How to complain effectively” and we have included it on the site for you to download.

Controlling the process from beginning to end they even mill their own components from logs (seriously, go and see this operation).

JR Wendys Tel: 0 email: james.jrwendys @ Address: 1 Metal Road, Blackheath Industria, Cape Town, 7580 Operating out of an industrial unit in Blackheath, good guys JR Wendys specialize in traditional Wendy Houses, Nutec Wendy Houses, and traditional log home style finishes.

Arbor Designs Pty Ltd Tel: 0 email: info @ za Address: Unit 1, Fisantekraal Industrial Park, Fisantekraal, Cape Town, 7550 Traditional wendy houses, Nutec buildings, and some other exotic materials are all made for the retail trade in a large industrial operation.

They pride themselves on the quality of their products, the speed with which they can install them (very little on site work), and that their units can be taken apart and reassembled very easily.

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And you the customer can help us in this endeavour by adding your comments below. The following is a list of manufacturers who have worked with us and subjected themselves to a vetting process.