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Geidt is certainly an establishment figure; his wife Emma is the daughter of Baron Neill of Bladen, former chairman of both the Press Council and the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

Of course, the Irish visit was a team effort, with the Foreign Office, No10 and Julian King, British Ambassador to Ireland, all playing their part – to great effect.‘It has been the most amazing and memorable trip,’ said one aide.

‘He is more a man of William’s generation than of Charles’s.

He’s a brilliant negotiator and communicator and the Queen has recognised the value in that and tapped into it.’‘He’s the first non-commissioned officer to hold this position and is a brilliant strategist.

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Because for the past three years the Queen has been steered by a steady hand; someone who has done more than anyone to ensure the family firm finally understands the necessity of discreet but professional image-building.

If you are not 18 years of age or older, then you may NOT continue and you MUST PRESS YOUR BACK BUTTON NOW!!! He sees a problem before it’s even happened and pays remarkable attention to detail.He plans ahead and sees potential pitfalls way before they happen.He is relatively new, but the Queen is very fond of him.’A member of the Royal household said: ‘Christopher not only helped to write her speech [along with David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague], but apparently it was his idea for her to open in Gaelic, to the obvious delight and audible gasp of the VIP guests.’Documentary-maker Michael Cockerell described Geidt as ‘part of the Golden Triangle, the three crucial figures in British public life, who the public know very little about’.Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell and Jeremy Haywood, the new Permanent Secretary at These were the men who, after last year’s Election, helped decide who would govern the country.

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