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" (No, I have not - Avro Lincoln (correction by Ken Ettie) that sits in the lake at Watson Lake, Yukon.

Apparently there is also a B-17 in a lake, north east of Whitehorse (was the subject of a hush-hush recovery attempt about 10 yeras ago, allegedly). There is also a Goose or Gosling at the bottom of a pot hole lake near Beaver Creek and was checked out by divers.

It apparently still had all of its contents, including unopened bottles of wine.

It is frequently reported during search and rescue ops, as are the two DC-3s that have been mentioned on your web site." Ken (NAV CANADA retired) Reactions welcome EMAIL (but sure to state the -url- (link) and subject!!!

While talking with one of the officers from the Victoria unit, he informed me that they have a data bank of most of the Canadian crash sites that have been reported and investigated over the years.

Watson Lake’s B-26 belongs in a Yukon museum, rather than a museum down south.

They all walked to the store and then sent a teamster with a team of horses and a sleigh to pick up the baggage and freight." E. "Well, we didn't even have maps." Finally, his own company started, with a war buddy, Milt Ashton, as general manager and with a fellow pilot [Glenn Morris?

some text unreadable], Ted Stull, as vice president in charge of maintenance. A while ago, a sourdough got hold of Ted Stull and said he had a hunch about a place up along the Sachlgo River. To file a claim you've got to make a shot of doing some work on it, so this fellow just goes through the motions because he's not ready to work it yet, runs a diamond drill down any old where and dulls out 0-a-ton ore.

And here is a 2017 response to the B-17 at Bennett (or Bennet) Lake, also ) in a lake NW of Whitehorse; several groups spent a great deal of time and money searching a lake in the late 1980s and 1990s with no reported results (not that I know of at least). Funny thing though: to date there is absolutely no evidence the USAAF ever lost a B-24 in the Yukon, missing, crashed or otherwise!?! I often wonder if the B-24 story was somehow mixed up with the C-54 at Snag story (about half way down this page): slightly different time frames, both large 4 engine aircraft and Wellesley Lake is very close to the expected flight path of the missing C-54; which was the perfect place to make an emergency landing, on solid lake ice in the middle of a Yukon winter." Reactions welcomed (email - responded Jan.2015: "With reference to a downed B-25 Mitchell bomber near Whitehorse, YT in 1952. We received an alert regarding this plane and I was a spotter, I believe on a Lancaster, for two days. I had a particular interest in the search as the pilot was Robin Hooper, who was a school friend. They were on excercises I believe, from CFB Cold Lake (Alberta) or possibly from CFB Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan). I found some OCR-scanned text, badly mauled, from the Amarillo Tribune (copy of 22Feb1938): "Plying the mail and flying passengers in the bush country.

I trust this will help in the confusion weather this was a US or A profile of Wings is outlines on my page Photos by Friends & Guests (39). The crash site is mentioned as Favourable Lake, which I found in NW Ontario (Red Lake region). Marguerite added: "We recently found another article, in the Red Lake District News, dated July 23, 1997, that states that the accident happened near the Dianna Gold Mine and that an old road led them 5 miles to a Long Lake General Store run by Leith Campbell. No weather reports, no beam flying, no radio, no automatic pilots.

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