Dating Frederikssund

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Vi bruger cookies til at forbedre din oplevelse af, vurdere de enkelte elementer på hjemmesiden og til at støtte markedsføring af vores services.Klikker du videre, accepterer du automatisk cookies.It has all the facilities associated with a modern Danish town: museums, a public library, supermarkets, a hospital and sports and recreation centers.With a location facing west over the Roskilde Fjord, it has many footpaths along the shores and up into the higher ground to the east.

Find materialer om hvordan i kan skabe kontakt til virksomheder. Få desuden oplysninger om forskellige støtteordninger og støttetilskud.The local rail and bus services are well developed. Local councils in the country have spent a combined £4m sending youth criminals and drug abusers on sailing voyages in the Caribbean, according to figures unearthed by Denmark’s Metro Express newspaper.Located at a narrow point on Roskilde Fjord, Sundby Færge became the harbour for the nearby market town of Slangerup.In 1809-10, the status of market town was transferred from Slangerup to Frederikssund, named after King Frederik III.

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They are maybe caught up in crime, such as drug-dealing and theft.” The council’s mayor, John Schmidt Andersen, defended lavishing money on the troubled youth at a time when his council is being forced to find £3m in cuts. “The Caribbean is probably the world’s marijuana capital,” he said.