Dating devotional books

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Dating devotional books

Click on the title link for further details, available formats, and purchasing information. These books are available in a variety of hardcopy and e Book formats.Among these apocryphal books are some that have received much publicity of late and from which many people derive their ideas of early Christian history.

They are also invaluable to the Bible study teacher preparing lessons for Sunday School or a home Bible study. This book looks in-depth at what the Bible has to say on sexual types of relationships and related issues.

This volume provides aids in understanding the translations seen in the Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament (ALT).

It includes a glossary for important words in the ALT, an-eight part "Grammatical Renderings" section to explain the unique translations in the ALT, along with other background information to the ALT.

Who wrote them and when, their theology, and other pertinent background information are discussed to explain why they were included in the New Testament.

Arguments against the traditional viewpoints on these books are addressed. These books include the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, who were Church leaders and writers of the late first to mid-second centuries, along with “apocryphal” books, both orthodox and Gnostic.

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Note: I have four additional books available, but they are all health and fitness-related. The importance of the LXX is that it was THE Bible of the early Church.