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Rainfall is scanty and averages less than 15 mm (less than 0.6 in) annually in the northern town of WâdîḨalfâ’ on Lake Sudan (called Lake Nasser in Egypt) and no more than 40 mm (1.6 in) per year in the south near the town of ‘Aţbarah.The average daily temperature in June, the hottest month, is about 45° C (about 110° F).Oases in the desert include Al Kufrah and Al Jaghbűb, in Libya, and Siwa and Baḩrîyah, in Egypt.Major deposits of petroleum and natural gas underlie the northern edge of the desert, in Libya.In the early 1970s nationalists insought independence for the territory, while Algeria, Mauritania, and Morocco laid claims to the area.

Noi oferim cele mai bune instrumente pentru ajutorul reciproc legat de materiile scolare.Spain held the region from 1509 to 1524, when it was taken by Morocco, which thereafter ruled it for more than three centuries.In 1884 Spain established a protectorate over the coast from Cape Bojador to Cape Blanc; Franco-Spanish agreements in 1900, 1904, and 1920 extended the limits of the protectorate.The Polisario staged several guerrilla raids into Mauritania and Morocco during 1976-1978.When Mauritania surrendered its portion and made peace with the Polisario in 1979, Morocco laid claim to all of Western Sahara and continued the war alone.

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