C dating hep Hankag live

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C dating hep

She is a wonderful lady who spent 99.7% of the verbal courtship beaming nothing but positive vibes..I laid it out...would have crushed me to get further in and then have to tell her about it. It went very well to...she's a smart lady..her own research and determined that the risks are minimal with regular monogamous relations between us..we moved into the other phases of the good shit.So I tossed it out there for consideration...while neither of us had too much in it. As far as the treatment and how you as an individual need to move forward..your ID Doc can tell you that..the new stuff almost here..you have one of the two types it works on..call.The previous articles I had read used the term "stampede". i feel like such a dick for saying that but its my honest reaction i've just seen the problems it causes- death without a new liver. Protected sex will be a must while you're still contagious. Not everyone is very well educated in STDs or Hep C specifically. If you start seeing someone, even casually, I'd suggest that you put together some information for them regarding Hep C. just so that the person you're seeing has an idea of what she's getting into.Once you get treatment and don't test positive for the virus, that's another story. You're upfront and honest and giving her proper information so she doesn't just believe any myths out there about it.It doesn't make sense, if you used drugs your liver might be damaged and you should be the first on the list to get treated.John...you're on the right path IMO..way I would have done it had I not met my soul mate right after I was diagnosed.

For the first time in my life , I feel secure and confident about not taking drugs again.

Overall my health is good , i'm working out and eating good.

I also started to get online and chat with women...

I am 28 years old , male and feel confident enough to say it and while I feel that will come naturally as the dates progresses.

However I would really appreciate some advice and tips from anyone. Most people including myself would be a bit scared I guess... And I really want to start living again , and dating and all that....

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Don't be put off, there are probably lots of women out there who will accept that you have Hep C, as a healthcare pro, I have come across people who have started relationships with people who have Hep C, HIV etc.

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