Brenda direen dating

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Brenda direen dating

The New Zealand International Film Festival has begun in Auckland and we’re neck deep in the cinematic ocean.Here is where you can catch all of our writers’ quick impressions of the films they’re lined up to see.Procedural focus on the SAS preparation and hostage negotiations engages, though 6 Days never breaks the bounds of well-made TV drama.Whilst the tension-building is expertly handled, the script gives little room for character development or political depth, never engaging viscerally and intellectually in the manner of say, Spielberg’s Munich.STEVE NEWALL This film totally nails both the slice-of-life and coming-of-age genres by essentially displaying a portrait of a house and those who live in it.Friendships can be fleeting – a truth that’s achingly relatable – but with deeply crafted characters ignited by pitch-perfect performances, this film immortalises the power of people who are simply passing by in our lives.

Surprisingly funny at times, this psychosexual drama never transcends its beautiful exterior.TONY STAMP If you (me) didn’t already consider Bill Direen a hero of New Zealand music and the written word (I had only an inkling…), this will both enlighten and entertain.Simon Ogston (he of the recent Skeptics doco and others) directs an excellent document and impressively informative-but-succinct summary of a career that has spanned four decades – and continues to mutate.Scattered throughout the film you’ll find humour and uncomfortably realistic observations of superiority complexes but, unfortunately, the film didn’t coalesce into something special for me, let alone justify its ending.STEVE NEWALL This fish-out-of-water-and-into-a-socialite-bubble drama wasn’t quite the Liberal David vs Republican Goliath the trailer made it out to be.

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